Heart Stained View by Magaluna Ramos

I am fascinated by this new CD I’ve been fortunate to listen to:

Heart Stained View, by Magaluna Ramos.

The CD starts with “Opening”, a track that is far shorter than I’d wish it to be. The piano intro anticipates three characteristics of this selection of songs: maturity, introspection and assertiveness, in measures that greatly exceed what I would expect from someone so young. When at second 54 Magaluna starts singing, impact is such that I clicked “stop” and went to search for my earphones, so as not to miss absolutely anything.

What a voice! Honestly, it blew my mind! I find it hard to associate that voice, depth and connection to someone so young. But I think we’d better get used to it. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’d better follow each of Magaluna’s steps, because I already know that her music reaches me, makes my heart feel true joy, and it resonates with important emotional fibers of mine.

The second track is called “Broken Art”. You’ll love it! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this song forever. And with Magaluna! My suggestion: although you may listen to her in Youtube, you’d better click on the Soundcloud link I’m pasting below, because the audio quality is a thousand times better. You do find her lyrics in Youtube, though.  I’ll paste you this one, for you to take a look at its beauty and how melody and lyrics become a magical textile, with a very personal and beautiful touch.

deep beneath my skin
there’s a secret kept within
and a key
to lock your smile where it is

hungry for the feeling of
a spoken sense of fate
and the pieces of my emptiness
filled by all better days

with everything you rip away from me
catch me replacing it for something better
cause with every broken heart
comes another work of art
another broken heart
another work of art
another, another
no no

under all the makeup
there are things you’ll never know
other than this song you’ll never hear me speak of so

my past seen from the dark
you’ll find my hidden scars
of writing and from the edges of my broken heart

with everything you rip away from me
catch me replacing it for something better
cause with every broken heart
comes another work of art
another broken heart
another work of art
with everything you rip away from me
catch me replacing it for something better
with every broken heart
comes another work of art
another broken heart
work of


Other tracks are:

  1. Dream
  2. Your Sweater
  3. Get Me
  4. Star
  5. Snow Globe
  6. Needed this (live)

My intention here is not to give you an account of each sensation I had when listening to each track but to invite you to have your own experience with this music, which I find wonderful and essential. Let’s remember Joni Mitchell’s advice: “People will tell you where they’ve gone; They’ll tell you where to go; But till you get there yourself you never really know”.

Let me share with you that I felt these songs really original. There is something new in them that feels good. If you put me under pressure to answer what is it that you don’t anticipate and where talent is more evident to me, I must say that I was impressed by the comfort with which her voice is handled (beautiful low, high and intermediate sounds), her phrasing, lyrics’ content, and the original taste when choosing the phrases’ length. Also the spectacular intertwining of melodies and phrases –which transmit experiences and feelings with which I easily empathize.

Its instrumental content, and also Magaluna’s voice, is fully at the service of songs. There is not one single exceeding note nor any moment of egocentric emotional overflow, which had it appeared, could have taken us out of that magical place in which the whole CD places us. It feels comfortable, authentic and, what strikes me most, you make it your own at first listen! This music opens the door itself and installs in you, at ease.

Track “Star” is an strikingly beautiful example of the brilliant use of the voice to make a bundle out of your soul. Here you can also confirm my earlier point about the authenticity of the transmitted feeling and how instruments participate from the most adequate place.

I was astonished to learn a few facts about these compositions and the playing itself. All compositions as well as all the lyrics are by Magaluna, and so are all arrangements and all musical decisions. Ukelele in “Snow Globe” was recorded by Magaluna too. All other instruments were recorded by Federico Ramos, following Magaluna’s precise instructions regarding tones, character, etc. From this corner of the world, I’d like to congratulate Federico too for having interpreted Magaluna’s wishes with such art. And I add a special bow for that piano intro in “Opening”.

Now, can you believe Magaluna Ramos is 17 years old right now? It’s impressive that she has reached this level at her age. I feel an inner bubbling of delight: music has in Magaluna a especially eager and talented vehicle to enable us, beings who get pleasure from listening to sound beauties, to keep getting surprised and keep enjoying new wonderful music.

But, and I mean it: don’t believe what I tell you! Rather, go listen! Here you are. This is the link to the full CD: https://soundcloud.com/magaluna-ramos/sets/heart-stained-view

You’ll love it!


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